Call of Duty Review

Call of Duty Review

Cod: Modern Warfare is the better selling game by Infinity Ward, and it was released in 2007. The overall game has been so successful, it had become named ‘Game of the Year’, as well as a special ‘Game of the Year Edition’ has become released, complete with all-new multiplayer maps to combat it out on. Since the game has been out sometime, and with the sequel looming inside the shadows, I feel it likely to give it one final Call of Duty review, as a final send-off. Call of Duty in real life

First of all, Modern Warfare is among the best video games That i have ever played – from your amazing single-player missions, right through to the massive online community that take part in the online games. Most people that a Call of Duty review manage to focus primarily on the only player, so I’ll just touch on that briefly. Ultimately, Cod: Modern Warfare’s single player mode is indeed enthralling, that after it you’ll feel as if your squad-mates are real people, so you know t hem as if your own brother. The missions are nicely diverse, and take you all around areas of Eastern Europe, from towns, using an abandoned TV station, with a mission where you must snipe on your path past every enemy using a high degree of stealth.

As the single player mode is amazing, and there are several hidden ‘intel’ computers to recover on each level, the multiplayer mode is the place the real longevity of the action lies, and is where the game stands tall against everybody else. The best part about multiplayer may be the sheer number of modes available. Some of my personal favourites include Domination, where you can find 3 flags to capture around the level. Having possession of each flag will gain you points, and it’s really a straight race to 200 points. There is Deathmatch, where it’s every man for himself, also it sometimes pays to function as the one last to appear inside a firefight. My personal favourite mode is Search and Destroy, where you must work together in small groups, either because the terrorists or the counter terrorists, to secure the other team before they plant/defuse a bomb (this really is similar to Half Life: Counterstrike). Call of Duty in real life


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